Sunday + Monday

After seeing Ali's and Elise's, I decided to post some of the photos taken for Week in the Life. I have also included ramblings about the details of each day. My favorite part will definitely be taking these prints and putting them onto paper with all the assorted ephemera collected.
Week in the Life : Sunday

Lazy Sunday started off early (we don't sleep past 7:30 much these days) with a lot of laying around. JC picked up coffee for us as well as a breakfast burrito from Groundwork. We watched a couple episodes of Breaking Bad Season 3. We both worked in our tiny kitchen preparing the ribs before they went into the crock pot. I got crafty and JC played basketball. Buster and I took a long walk to the beach. We ate the ribs with Trader Joe's Macaroni and Cheese (the frozen one is SO good), and watched some more Breaking Bad, of course.

Week in the Life : Monday

News headline from NY Times: Norway Terrorist May Have Had Accomplices. Weather: Partly Sunny 70's. Walked Buster after waking up at 7:15am. We grabbed a coffee for JC at Flake. Came back and I made myself a toasted english muffin with creamcheese. (Don't knock it, it's quite delicious.) JC left for work (Yahoo!). Buster spent a lot of the day on my lap while I worked to play catch up on the computer. I plugged JC's kindle in to charge and made the bed. Our bed gets made on most weekdays. I worked from Venice and snacked on wasabi peas around lunchtime. Cindy and I skyped. Bamboo looked super confused. As I was about to walk out the door with Buster for an afternoon walk, Kara facetimed me on the iPod. So fun to see Lily and Newell all big. JC stopped at Nordstrom on his way back and got himself a grey Jack Spade laptop case that was on sale. We walked with Buster to Whole Foods. When we came back, we had a lovely ravioli dinner with a pre-made chef salad and pretzel rolls. Then of course we tried to finish off Season 3 of Breaking Bad but I fell asleep halfway through the last episode. JC refused to tell me how it ended, and I am not sure I can watch that show by myself. Buster was already crashed out in the middle of the bed. It's amazing how much space an 11 pound Jack Russell can take up. I read about 20 pages of Room and said, "Goodnight, enjoy your nap", since we had to wake up in 5 hours.