pinch me please. just not too hard.

A couple months ago, I became obsessed with a machine that seemed to be appearing on many blogs, including American Crafts, and was putting smiles on people's faces. Behold, the Silhouette!

So after plenty of research and deciding that this would, in fact, be a great addition, I caved and made the purchase. So far I have only cut paper with this, but it is a wonderful machine. The funny sounds it makes while working had Buster a bit puzzled. (Please try and ignore the chaos in the background-yikes.)

The verdict: the machine is amazing and an investment, but one that is definitely worth it. Especially considering each design is just 99 cents! And if the Silhouette couldn't possibly get any cooler, in my humble opinion, it just did. Remember this card on the AC blog?

Well, the heart shape is now available in the Silhouette store!

Along with a few others... like the camera.

Which is used here:

Full reveal of this layout and some others next week. So happy you all finally get a chance to use the line, and be sure to link me up with what you create!