7 things about this new device on 7.7

Happy to be the 1 week and 1 day owner of an iPad2. Had no idea that I ever needed such a device until it arrived last week. Thanks to some great recommendations from friends, the new addition to the family is well equipped already.
1. Per recommendation from JC as he flew next to a gentleman traveling with his iPad - the Zagg keyboard. It's lightweight and acts as a cover, protecting the front of the iPad while closed.

2. Took it upon myself to get a custom cover for the keyboard made from one of the fabric papers (35556- Is It Any Wonder) coming out from the line.

3. I originally wanted the yellow chevron pattern (35565 - Oh Happy Grey) instead of black, but I just kept hearing my mom's voice inside my head saying that it would get dirty too easily. When I showed her the cool cover, she said that it made her dizzy. Sometimes you just can't win.

4. JC said it made him dizzy as well. I recommend not staring at it or this photo if it makes you dizzy.
5. It's so awesome because my grandma can use it. And she does. She loves the thing. I showed her photos some of her relatives sent to my uncle from China. Apparently they were moving the graves/gravestones of her parents and someone took digital photos. So when she looked at them she was really intrigued at "how the pictures got in there." I said my uncle (her son) sent them and she still quite didn't understand, but she accepted it and continued swiping her finger across the screen to look at the next photo. I offered to get her one of her own but she's always asking how much fruits and vegetables cost thinking everything is too expensive, so needless to say, she'll just be using this one.
6. Per gluestickgirl's recommendation, I got Noteshelf. I had not yet paid more than $1.99 for any app (it's silly, I know), so when the $4.99 price tag was in front of me, I was a bit hesitant. But let me just tell you, it's the best $4.99 I have spent. Then I had to get a stylus, so I went on Amazon and found this one. It is awesome, although I wouldn't mind finding one with a finer tip. Do they even make those? Another app I love is reeder. It too cost $4.99.
7. So now, tell me dear readers and fellow lovers of iPads, what are your favorite apps (preferably the cheaper ones)? I especially need ones that don't necessarily require an internet connection. Thank you in advance. Sincerely, this gadget nerd.