a half dozen bits on the 6th

Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was just the right mix of relaxation and work, with a leisurely bike ride by the beach thrown in. Does it really get much better than cartwheels with a backdrop like this? Cindy didn't think so either.

As she makes her way traipsing throughout Europe, Holly Knitlightly asked me to do a little guest post for her, which you can see here.

Although it's 4 months away, I am really getting excited about Spark. There's little class preview here. I heard a few ladies are traveling all the way from Japan for the event.

Paula O'Hara kindly sent me this photo of her sweet girl, in our assistant tee. Love that this design is making its' way around the world, thanks so much!

Remember that assignment with American Crafts "delights" I was supposed to make? Here's a peek, and you can see the entire layout along with a card here.

One of my favorite girls ever, Courtney Jaye has the first video on a new site called Wigby.