I jumped the gun and got a little confused (and a bit too excited) about this announcement... and gave y'all the wrong day. Boo. Forgive me? I will be letting you all in on the secret and perhaps even confirm some of the guesses that have already come in. Dang, some of you are just too clever! So sorry, just another 24 hours and I promise it will be worth the wait!

In the mean time, here's what's going on around here.
a first: 2 baby hummingbirds left the nest an hour before I arrived home. The neighbor was standing outside looking up and I was able to get this shot. See the little guy/girl?

loving: custom requests like this one for twins.

reading: finished The Help (thanks to all the recommendations from here.) and absolutely loved it. Attempting to read The Hunger Games, although I have to be honest, I am on page 31 and not so into it thus far.
watching: the boxes from my childhood come in.
looking: at amazing old photos of my mom (scrapbook page for the Hambly gallery, also using Peachy Keen from American Crafts)

eating: too much
drinking: water
still wearing: the subtle feathers that were put in my hair at a Bat Mitzvah in March. JC's still not a fan of it, but I am.
feeling: excited
weather: June gloom is in full effect
playing: a little Words with Friends and just got Hanging with Friends thanks to this girl.
wanting: more time to make stuff
needing: to use my yoga Groupon before it expires
waiting: patiently
enjoying: bike rides, seeing ideas come to fruition, Instagram
thankful: that I finally get to tell you the secret I've been holding onto for months... tomorrow!