1st of June goodness

I made this for dinner last night. It was my 3rd time making it, and I think it's finally perfected. It's nice to have the chicken be a bit more crisp, so the first step is browning the chicken just a bit with butter and garlic in a hot cast iron skillet. Then I followed most of the directions, except I added spinach into the mixture this time in an effort to consume more greens. And I cook it all in the cast iron skillet instead of a baking dish. It's yummy and super easy.

This is my new desktop calendar, courtesy of the uber-talented Geninne.

A cute custom onesie for a special little one, ordered by the super creative, great gift-giver, Jennifer McGuire.

Here's a video of Candace Alper in our I'm With The Band tee. Her company, Name Your Tune is pretty much my go-to for baby/kid gifts, and they are always a huge hit. A personalized CD of songs with your kids' names in them? It's brilliant.

Hope your month's off to a great start!