time flies

Here are some photos from our long weekend in Gasparilla Island. It was my 5th time going on the trip, which got me initiated into the High 5 Club. JC's a pretty good sport about joining me and my somewhat rowdy friends from college for this trip. It was his 3rd time going, and as usual, we had a total blast. Same routine of sunshine, fun, bocce ball, and indulging in adult beverages. But there were signs that we're growing up a bit. There were a record 6 pregnant ladies on the trip (last year there was only 1), 3 kids (last year there was only 1), but still we had many, many laughs. Highlights included relaxing in the sun by the pool and on the beach, enjoying one of my new favorite drinks, going on a boat ride, dressing up and performing for the second time in the island talent show, and just spending time with some of my favorite people.

What a fun trip, filled with fond memories. We learned a couple travel lessons as well. One of them is traveling on Sunday back home. It was so nice to be back and settled in Sunday evening and we still had the entire Memorial Day holiday to relax and recharge at home. For this reason, I feel totally ready to work today. The other lesson is: though we are both loyal to different airlines, sometimes it's just better if one of us sucks it up and we travel together. Live and learn.

And since it's the last day of May, here's my latest layout in Scrapbook Trends: