happy friday + winners

Oh how I wish I could give books & film canisters to each and every one of you. Your sweet words brighten my days.
Congrats to:
Stephanie said...
I'm always looking for inspiration so I would love to win this! (& I would love it to be signed too!) :)
LaceyA said...
love washi tape! love the canister...thanks for the chance to win! :) can't wait to see what you come up with your new class :)

Congrats & email me so I can send these lovelies off to you!
Speaking of lovelies, I went a bit overboard at the Kinokuniya Bookstore, recommended by Pugly Pixel (she's an enabler of cuteness, you have been warned!) and came home with this:

I could have spent hours in the store even though I couldn't read most of the books they have there. They don't allow photos (sorry!), so the next time you all are in downtown Los Angeles, I highly recommend a visit. Hope you're all getting crafty/relaxing/doing some fun stuff this weekend!