confession. i have bad days too.

Sigh... I have to admit... Most of my days are good. I am happy, full of energy, and ready to take on the projects ahead of me. But something weird happened yesterday, and it wasn't a great day. I didn't sleep well on Monday night and was feeling lethargic throughout the entire day. Instead of just getting coffee or drinking tea to wake myself up, I thought I would power through and just do the best I could. (lapse in judgment, just have caffeine if you're tired, amy!) After lunch I just kept yawning and feeling exhausted. The projects were piling up and suddenly I felt overwhelmed and didn't know what to do. Usually this is enough of a motivator to get me to focus on one thing at a time and nail it out. Of the 5 things I needed to get done, I could only muster up the energy to complete 2. And then Ahpo had to go to the doctor. I dropped mommy & Ahpo off at the busstop, and then dropped off some packages at the post office. When I got back to the house, I found my mom's cell phone. Ugh. She left it. So there was no way of getting in touch with her and for her to keep me posted on how everything was going. The doctors appointments don't seem routine anymore. Ahpo has to get tests upon tests. While all this was happening, I tried my best to snap out of my bad mood & went to Whole Foods and got the most random assortment for dinner. I said to myself, whatever you think will make you happy right now, just get it! Happiness came in the form of kale, cold pasta, prosciutto, a pear and a peach. The pear turned out to be the best pear I had ever had in my entire life. Random, I know. I was so exhausted after eating my hodge podge of a meal that I ended up half asleep on the sofa at 8pm. My smart cousin Cindy (who called the hospital) found out that Ahpo was in the ER. Poor mommy found herself at the ER without her cell phone, trying to get all the information from the doctors about Ahpo. I was able to get rest just knowing that Cindy would be on call to pick them up. Ahpo ended up having to stay overnight in the ER and finally at 1:00am, Cindy went to pick up mommy. I slept through most of the night and awoke at 7am feeling sort of groggy with a headache. After getting a bit snippy at JC this morning over something rather trivial, I am realizing that I'm feeling overwhelmed with everything going on with Ahpo, with some work stuff, and the fact that we are leaving on a red eye flight tonight for Florida. I am determined to find the silver lining in all of this and am putting on my happy face as best as I can. And I am moving forward today, taking each task a little bit at a time. I've got Buster asleep on my lap, a cup of Earl Grey tea on my desk and many things to be grateful for.

I decided sharing some random ipod pics from this month would make my day brighter.

I feel better after writing this and looking through all the fun photos. Now it's time to get cracking on some work! Any tips you want to share on how you cope with a bad day or how you snap yourself out of a bad mood?