10 things

Ever have one of those moments where you think to yourself - this is the best thing I have ever made and I will likely not be able to top it anytime soon? Well, I had one of those last Friday when I played with my Studio Calico Lawn Party kit (it's sold out, sorry)...

along with some watercolors and created the base for this:

Because I stared at the page for so long and because I loved the page on it's own - instead of adding my journaling by hand, I added it using Illustrator. Which means I have a PDF copy that you can feel free to download and use as well. Choose either the 12"x12" version or print out the standard 8.5"x11":

This is my first attempt at offering a free download, so hopefully it works. As a common courtesy, please link back if you use/post it anywhere. Of course I'd love to see your lists too, so please share. Thanks!