vote for my hairstylist please

It sounds absurd, but I've had a ridiculous amount of loyalty to my hairdressers. Before college, my dad used to cut my hair. Yes, a somewhat embarrassing fact that I can hardly believe I am admitting right now. My mom cut my hair up until about the 2nd grade- when she cut my bangs way too short and I cried and told her she couldn't ever cut my hair again. So then it turned into my dad's job. The only time he didn't cut my hair was when my mom and I were in Hong Kong and I decided I wanted super short hair, and had it chopped to look like one of my cousins (who is a male, by the way). After it finally grew out, my dad always did a fine job of just cutting it straight across. And I was fine with it until college when I decided I wanted to pay someone to cut it.

I found my dream hairstylist, Sommer, while at Georgia Tech and sent lots of friends to her. In fact, if you're in the Atlanta area, she still works there and is amazing. When I moved to LA in 2003, I would always made sure to book an appointment when I flew back to visit. For 3 years, I would fly back to get my hair cut. Obviously it got to the point where I needed to find someone in LA, so I lucked out with a $20 first-time hair cut at Trim in Venice and found Victoria. And I have been with her ever since. She's left Trim & is in her own spot shared with a photography studio and another stylist. It's a short bike ride away, or a nice little walk to the little salon. I took Buster with me last time and documented our little adventure.

Victoria always does an amazing job and is just the sweetest. And the coolest part? She recently got engaged to the man of her dreams. You can see the surprise proposal video and read all about their love story. And if you're so inclined, please vote for Victoria & Jason on the Ultimate Wedding Contest. (Contest ends April 30th, so please take 10 seconds to vote now!) Sending smiles & sunshine from Venice!