happy fashion talk + a giveaway

1 pair of Robin's Jeans
1 pair of GAP legging jeans
4 amy tangerine tees: 2 for wearing out, 1 for working out, 1 for sleeping
2 plain thermals for layering
1 capped sleeve tunic
1 long sleeved V-neck dress
1 jacket by Industry
1 jacket by Hurley
1 kushcush bikini
4 pairs of underwear: 1 commando, 1hanky panky, 2 alternative apparel
2 GAP tee shirt bras
1 sports bra
2 pairs of GAP socks
1 pair of adidas socks
1 little baggy of jewelry
1 amy tangerine bag with cosmetics/toiletries
1 random nicole bag with Fujifilm Pivi MP-300
1 little bag with crafty supplies
1 smash book pre-decorated
This plus all of JC's clothing all fit into my amykathryn duffle bag.
Not pictured, but also went along for the ride: a book, amykathryn purse, Nikon D90, MacBook Pro, chargers, iPod Touch, cowboy boots and new balance shoes.
(I ended up wearing a pair of the jeans + the Hurley jacket + new balance shoes for the drive down.)

I pack differently for road trips than plane rides. Usually it doesn't take too long to pack for either. The process is always the same though- make sure the bed is made so I can spread everything out on it. I have learned to travel light & find a sense of joyful achievement in wearing/using everything I take with me. Because rain was being predicted for this trip, and because there was plenty of room in the bag & the car, I took a bit more than I actually wore. Often I have a piece that I don't use, which is fine (and good for possible travel delays or changes). Sometimes I do a bit of shopping too & end up wanting to wear my new item right away. Instant gratification is one of my vices.

Speaking of shopping, how about a fantastic fashion giveaway from Shabby Apple? Shabby Apple is an online boutique selling all kinds of lovely dresses. Whether you're looking for something casual, or a fun night on the town, they have fashionable finds for all types of women. Bonus: They're offering you fine readers a discount for any purchase!

This style is bright and fun and aptly called Happy Talk and Shabby Apple wants one of you to win! Be sure to check out & "like" their Facebook Fan Page.
**For your chance to win, just leave a happy comment below and I'll choose a random winner on Friday, April 15 at 10am PST.** Good luck!