currently on 4.5

listening: Courtney Jaye's new record debuting soon: Love & Forgiveness
reading: just finished Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua and enjoyed how it only slightly resonated with my childhood.
watching: thanks to our Roku, i finished 3 seasons of Arrested Development, (better late than never & yes, i LOVED it). Now we're watching Party Down.
eating: Whole Grain Cheerios
drinking: fresh squeezed orange juice (oranges picked from the tree in the backyard)
wearing: a V-neck tee shirt that says "wtf" in really small embroidery, Lauren Moshi zip hoodie, American Apparel sweatpants
feeling: a bit scattered, but fine nonetheless
weather: sunny and 70ish
wanting: a web designer who is dependable and talented
needing: a web designer who is dependable and talented... referrals welcome!
thinking: about some exciting upcoming projects
enjoying: staying busy