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Thanks for all the wonderful comments from Monday's post - I truly enjoyed reading all the good stuff. Using Random.org's generator,

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Someone posted this quote earlier last week and I've been looking for it in print ever since. Having inspiring words to remind you that it can and will be better, and it's your choice to make that change is an amazing thing to be reminded of. And I think we all need to be reminded of that. They're happy words to start off the fresh new year full of changes that I hope to make in my life!! :)
March 7, 2011 8:58 AM

Thanks for all who entered. vikividi, please email me your address so Holstee can send you your poster!
Just love that such talented photographers are ordering our camera tees. Even better than that, they are sending in their photos. Special thanks goes out to Aimee Buxton's adorable little ones for looking so cute in these pictures.

I cannot even begin to imagine what Japan's going through after the massive earthquake and tsunami. When I was there in 2004 for a fashion tradeshow, the worst typhoon to hit in 20 years swept through. Drenched from head to toe, I had never seen such fierce rain. Yet, I was out & about looking for some good sushi because there were others on the streets, calmly going about their business. There were also a couple earthquakes, the only one of note was the one that happened as I was sitting at a sushi restaurant located on the 5th floor of a building. Everyone remained very calm and since I didn't know the Japanese word for earthquake, I just kept saying "earthquake.... earthquake?". As the shaking subsided (probably about 15 seconds worth), the chef calmly said, "yes, earthquake" while resuming his sushi preparations. The state of calmness of all the people in the restaurant was truly admirable. Walking with a little more peace & gratitude in my heart today and hoping for the best for everyone in Japan.