happy six

My little guy turns 6 today. I dressed him up in a tangerine tie made with new American Crafts paper.

Layout made using Studio Calico's Candy Shoppe kit (which is sold out). It seems that he enjoys getting these kits as much as I do.

Some of his favorite toys are bottles, and anything that's plastic, especially this frying pan.

And this empty powder (make up) container.

He's a great little travel companion who enjoys checking out the view. He got to ride in first class on our last flight and because the flight attendants were such dog lovers, they let him sit on my lap. Lucky him, he was able to catch his first sunrise from the sky.

And his love for little oranges continues. Here's a little video of what he wishes he was doing today, but the rain has him staying inside instead.

I'll be back tomorrow to answer some of the questions you all asked in the comments section in this post. Happy Wednesday!