good things come in pairs...

I definitely miss my doggies when they don't travel with me. They are such funny characters. Came home to find Buster has a new little obsession with make up. I am assuming he thinks this empty loose powder is a hockey puck. So glad to see he's being "green". And Bamboo? Well she seems to be content just holding onto one of her favorite toys, her pink bone. She stayed in this position for well over 2 minutes.

Also delighted to see 2 layouts in Scrapbook Trends February issue:

Getting back into the swing of things and I am cleaning and purging my scrapbook stuff. Thought I would give away the things in my stash that I either have extras of or I don't use any longer. I've seen a number of scrappy friends who have done this before, so I thought I would fill up a couple of medium priority flat rate boxes to mail out to a couple of people. There are acrylic stamps, stickers, rub ons, patterned papers, random embellishments, etc. A whole mixed batch of goodness. All I ask is that you pay for shipping. I'm guessing you'll get $75+ worth of supplies for just $12 (at this time I am only going to ship to the U.S. - sorry International folks, maybe next time). So let me know in the comments if you want one of these boxes and be sure to include your email address. **EDITED** The boxes have found new homes, this has been a huge help in getting organized, so thank you!