friday randoms

hi. happy friday!
i tried to answer some questions really quickly that you all had about scrapbooking for events and how i got started, etc etc, and then i realized that it wasn't really a quick answer. so i will address this in a future blog post. i also realized that most of the questions i was asked can't be answered very simply. but i promise to spend some time on them in the near future and answer them in a concise fashion.
Q. Amanda Susan said... Where are your favorite places to travel to?
A. I enjoy exploring and traveling to just about anywhere with warm weather. Some of my favorite places have been Australia, Thailand, Italy (Lake Como), and Hawaii (Kauai & Oahu). I also really enjoyed Barcelona, Spain and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.  I like Tokyo, Japan and Hong Kong too. China was an interesting place for me to visit, and while I wouldn't say it was one of my favorites, I did quite enjoy Shanghai and parts of Beijing. In the states, I like going where my friends are and visiting interesting cities. I find small towns to be super charming (like Franklin, TN, Fort Collins, CO and Savannah, GA), and have been to Austin only once, but really enjoyed it. I regularly travel to NYC, Atlanta, Ft. Lauderdale and Chicago.
See how long winded I can be?
ok, onto the randoms.
I did some layouts for the Girls Loft, with the first kissing photo I have ever posted online.

How cute does Kristina's daughter look in the custom tee her mama ordered for her?

In case you didn't know, Kristina is one half of Two Happy Mamas, the lovely company which designed this blog and countless others.
The ever-so-talentedPugly Pixel is generously offering digital versions of washi tape. How gorgeous are these?

PS- For those who have been asking, online workshop #2 is in the works and I hope to announce something early in March. Enjoy the weekend!