over and out

Got back from a great trip to Guatemala, where we did things I never expected to do. We hiked up a volcano and watched the sunset from above the clouds. And since what goes up must come down, we also basically had to "ski" our way down through the ash (thank goodness for our guide who lent me a helping hand/arm for stability).

I'm still soaking up so much of the trip, reflecting on it as well as the end of a tremendously active, yet laid back year.  Does that even make sense?

10 random observations for 2010:
1. I traveled less in 2010 than previous years, which means I will only have Gold Medallion status on Delta in 2011. Mixed feelings about this, as I come back from a round-trip first class international trip that was actually cheaper than if I had booked coach.
2. Even after amazing trips, I realize that it is ALWAYS so nice to come back. Today it just felt so right to be back in the USA. Home is really where my heart is. Our place is little, but comfortable & manageable.

3. We visited 3 new countries this year: Spain, France & Guatemala. And only did carry-ons for all of them. Traveling light is the only way to go.

4. Ran my first 5K in February and then my first 10K in the fall. With each race I didn't train properly. The most I had run before the 10K was less than 4 miles. Next year I hope to run more consistently.
5. Switched from PC to Mac, which was one of the best decisions ever.
6. Driving across country goes on that list as well.
7. I finished the December Daily book and will definitely be doing the project again next year. (Thanks for all of your kind words throughout the month- the support helped so much)

8. After successfully transitioning another hobby into a job, I am happier with my work/life balance now more than ever.
9. I may have taken too many photos this year, as I tried to do a collage depicting the highlights but have failed thus far. Love this store window:

10. Overall, 2010 was a very balanced and good year. Dearest blog reader, thanks for coming along for ride!

Cheers to a safe and Happy New Year!