Happy New Year?

While our new year didn't start off with a bang, unless you consider the following things to be awesome:
1) picking up your boyfriend on New Years Eve (who arrived 9 hours after you because flew on a different airline) from LAX at 8:30pm and being so tired, you just watch tv and go to bed at 10:15pm.
*2) having boyfriend experience food poisoning starting at midnight and lasting well into Saturday, January 1st.
3) only leaving your place on a sunny Saturday to make 2 trips to Whole Foods and 3 trips to the laundromat next door to Whole Foods.
4) falling asleep at roughly 9:00pm on Saturday, causing you to miss the last 30 minutes of Pirate Radio.
5) staying in all day on a rainy, dreary Sunday watching football while catching up on the computer and eating leftovers and Saltine crackers.

I am pretty sure these things are not an ideal start to anyone's new year. But honestly other than #2 above (marked with a star*), it really wasn't all that bad. JC got plenty of rest and the other parts were actually just fine. It's funny how there's so much pressure to do something big on New Years Eve & to make big changes for the New Year. A fresh start for a long list of resolutions that may or may not actually stick for even 22 days, much less an entire year. I am all about wanting to do better things, wanting to be a better person, and the desire to be surrounded by better. But honestly, some days (even if they are the start of a new year) can just be average. I don't think it's any indication of how this year will play out. 2011 is packed with 365 days (well, now 362) with endless potential to make great. Or to simply make do. And while it wasn't the best way to spend the first days of the new year, I am certain it could have been much worse, and I'm grateful it wasn't. We made the most of 2010 (especially with a last minute trip) and perhaps we just needed a few more days to recover from what was a wonderFULL year. As for the transition from 2010 to 2011, I'm hoping all of you did the celebrating for us. So yes, Happy New Year!