DD + currents...

Now that the rain has cleared (we're doing fine and not near the flooding and mudslides- thanks for those of you asking)... Here is a December Daily catch up + currents:

listening: to the delightful sound of it not raining in LA (although, I don't mind the sound so much as how it puts a damper on everything.)
eating: home cooked food
drinking: water, as usual

reading: time of my life
wearing: Rebe hoodie and sweatpants from our 2003 line.

feeling: so inspired
weather: sunshine at last (though clouds appear to be rolling in again.)
wanting: the best for Kayla Aimee's little girl Scarlette
needing: my jaw to feel normal again (darn TMJ)
thinking: it was a wonderful year
enjoying: the cuddling of 2 sleepy pups
wondering: how I can keep the bug bites to a minimum while in Guatemala next week.

Merry day before Christmas Eve!