days 10, 11, 12

Well it sounds like some of you have considered a daily book and others are doing Project Life. I do like the idea of a book for every season. Will have to ponder about the project for a bit longer before I make any rash decisions.

Friday the 10th was so full of fun stuff I had to spread it out over several pages. Kelly blogged more photos from our time together, and this one cracks me up. I could barely jump I was so cold and weighed down by all the layers of clothing.

Serena Thompson and I got to talking and realized that we're both going to be in a book which comes out next summer (eek- so excited about the project, but I have to wait to share the details for several months. so forgive me for bringing it up.)

I am probably the only person to admit to liking airplane food. I really like it. Here's a recap of the meals from the last trip:
midnight snack on my red-eye flight from LAX-JFK

appetizer for my dinner flight from JFK-LAX (the empty plate is for the roll I got 1 minute after snapping this photo)



I didn't take photos of the 3 Reese's peanut butter cups nor my favorite airplane drink: ginger ale.
And the weekend was wonderfully relaxing and sunny.

Spreading sunshine and smiles to all of you having "snow" days today!