and just like that...

Christmas is done.

I love getting cards in the mail and decided that maybe next year will be the first year I send them out. With a little piece of striped washi tape, I hung up most of our cards. Some of them didn't make it up there because 1.) I couldn't reach any higher. 2.) I forgot to ask JC to do it before he left for Guatemala.
And just like that, by the time you read this, I will hopefully have landed in Guatemala. It's our gift to one another, and where we'll be spending the rest of 2010, exploring (neither one of us has ever been to Central America) and enjoying adventures, all while filling up this book.

Not toting my computer, but if I have a chance to jump online, I'll be sure to update. If not, I'll be back with fresh posts in the New Year. Until then, thanks so much for helping make 2010 one of the best years ever. I am beyond thankful for all the comments, custom requests, signups for my 1st online workshop, and support from friends all over the world. I'm so grateful to all of you who have shown us a little love.