12 random things on 12.12

1. As much as I enjoyed the little trip, I am thrilled to be home where the temperature is more than double what it was in NYC.
2. December Daily Day 9 took up more pages than I had intended, but in the spirit of going-with-the-flow, this is perfectly acceptable. Here's the day portion:

3. And the night portion:

4. Bar Boulud was excellent. The photo of my steak frites looks much better than the pictured above, and tasted absolutely spectacular.
5. Not pictured was the charcuterie:

6. My new mantra: Breathe. Believe. Release. Receive.
7. It seemed strange that Kelly (a food lover, like me) had never been to Pastis.
8. So happy I could be there for her 1st visit to one of my favorite NYC spots. Apparently, she is now officially a New Yorker.

9. The fact that she and I can do splits for our entire meal truly makes us twins.
10. Day 10

11. Meeting and chatting with The Pioneer Woman was rather surreal. And when she flipped through my December Daily and said, "I want to be crafty like you"... yeah, that pretty much made my day.
12. She also asked if I did a project like this every month. How cool would that be? Hmm... may have a huge lofty goal for 2011 brewing in my head. Anyone else want to try doing Ali's project every month next year? I'm going to take some time to seriously consider this (and hope you do too!).