weekend wrap up

We were booked for 2 scrapbooking gigs this past weekend.  One party was in Newport Beach, and the other was in San Diego.  So happy to have a few great scrapbookers to call on in such instances. The closer Newport Beach party was staffed, and then I just had to work out some logistics for San Diego.  Instead of driving 2 hours down, working for 4 hours, and then turning around and driving back for 2 around midnight, JC and I decided that we'd make a little weekend getaway of it. And after getting a sweet deal on Priceline for the Hilton Resort & Spa, it turned into a no-brainer.  The drive took us just over 3 hours on Friday in rush hour, which we expected.  It was nice to drop our stuff off at the hotel, freshen up a bit & then go for an amazing meal at Sushi Ota.  If you live in San Diego (or are planning a visit), I highly recommend you check out Oh Joy's top 20 bites. We checked off a few of the items, including bringing a tub of the garlic bacon basil cream cheese home from PL Bagels. Our tummies were happy this weekend, and now they can be happy every morning this week. Here's a wrap up of our weekend:
We ate really well.

We saw cool art.

We ate really well again.

I worked at this fabulous party:

And we ate really well again.

We attempted this see-saw at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Wish we had set up a self timer photo with us trying to maneuver ourselves on it, as it was a pretty hilarious sight.
And thanks to my Selphy ES40 and Studio Calico, the page of our trip is done.

Love the sentiment on Hilton's napkins, "Travel is more than just A to B. Travel should celebrate good times." Little getaways like this can freshen up perspective on so many things. Feeling lucky to be surrounded by love & stumbling upon more of it while exploring...