looking on the bright side

And that wraps up our colorful weekend with the Harinezumi. Love how bright and vibrant the colors turn out with this fun little camera. Photos are from the Farmers Market, the Grove, and Sanrio's Small Gift LA event.

Our weekend was just fine, though it ended on a not so good note. Sunday afternoon sometime between 3:00-4:30 pm, JC's car was stolen. It was/still is a shock. It was parked on the street, directly outside of our kitchen door. And the thieves stole in it broad daylight. It comes at an especially bad time since his whole family is flying in Wednesday. Just trying to keep our chins up about the whole thing. It's just so violating. I try and blog only about happy things, but life can't really be all about the happy all the time. So that's what's going on here.

On a lighter note, we're very much looking forward to seeing our visitors (everyone in the page below, except for the adorable little girl) very soon, and we have a lot to be thankful for. And one of those things happens to be the fact that I feel like I can share personal stuff here with you wonderful blog readers. It truly brightens my life. Supplies used for the layout below: Snapfish collage print, Studio Calico Napa Valley kit, Hambly, Sassafras, the Girls Loft.