I have found lately that I want to challenge myself to take on bigger projects. Make bigger things that take hours upon days upon weeks to finish. Not necessarily bigger in size, just impact. Going to just put that out into the universe for now and see what happens.

Recently too, my mom found a wallet that my grandfather (her father) made. He had a shoe store in a poor town in India. The store offered custom leather shoes and purses, all made by hand. Years after my parents immigrated to the U.S. in 1970, my grandfather closed up his shop.  He helped raise me (and was my favorite relative, if I had to choose just one). He spoiled me and gave me candy pretty much whenever I asked for it. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 1989 and passed away about 4 years after. I still don't know so much about what he did and what inspired him. When my grandmother or my mom talks about my beloved grandfather, they say above everything else, that he was a hard worker. It seems they didn't see his creations as art, but more of just a way he made his living. He hand crafted beautiful items and sold them to support his wife and 3 kids out of necessity.  I'm grateful that maybe just an ounce of his creative spirit may have been passed down to me.

It's slightly larger than a U.S. passport and doesn't hold our currency unless you fold it. Though part of me really wants to use it, I think I'll find that it's best to give it back to mommy for safe keeping.

What have you all found lately? Here's hoping you all have a wonderful weekend, I leave you with an amazingly inspiring manifesto I found from holstee: