I celebrated my 32nd birthday. Generally I am not at all excited about my birthday, but so happy that friends and family are. You all really know how to make a girl feel good about aging.
I had lunch with my BFF at M Cafe, and then this little guy made my day by bringing over balloons, sunflowers & a Spiderman card he picked out just for me.

It's funny to think that I went to college with both of these girls at Georgia Tech and now, 11 years later, we are hanging out together and all living within 2 miles of one another. And here I am with my grandma, who's 84 years young. She's lived in China, India, Chicago and has called Los Angeles home for 2 years. She likes it here, except when it rains. And though she doesn't often smile, I think her happiness lies within, and really sneaks out whenever the little guy comes over, and of course when she sees cake.

Would love to share some of this cake with you (no, not you Buster)...

So thanks for all the warm wishes, it really means so much! Cheers to another amazing year.