this monday brought to you...

... by the letter "M". M is for Mini book of Pittsburgh & and it being done before we got home last weekend. Here are some shots of the mini-in-the-making on the plane:

I often get asked about bringing scissors onto the plane. I have rounded tip baby scissors with a 1 inch blade. They work fantastic. And so does the mini stapler I include in my kit. Using the stapler, I attached the corrugated cardboard holder from JC's coffee. He was next to me working on his laptop and I was working on my book. When we travel together, I like putting one of his boarding passes in, and one of mine (it works out best when there's a connecting flight). Upon our return, I finished adding elements into the book & was done with it 3 days after our trip.

Colorful & fun, but most importantly... done.

M is also for Mottos, Mantras and Miracles. I finished my first hybrid layout for the Dares.  I used elements from Paislee Press and Splendid Fiins mixed with Studio Calico, Hambly, Cosmo Cricket & lace to create this page. It's my current mantra: expect miracles. Would love to hear your current mantras or mottos in the comments section.