friday randoms

For those who have signed up for the workshop, THANK YOU! The email for access to the private blog was sent out.  If you have already signed up & you have friends who are on the fence, we're going to open up 5 referral spots. So if your friend signs up and names you in the Paypal comments section, you will get to choose one of the fabulous prizes we have to offer! We're limiting this to 5 spots, so send your friends! If you are still thinking about joining us, you have until the start of the workshop, which is Monday. 

I love seeing people from all over the world checking in- Canada, Maryland, Kansas, Chicago, Brazil, Spain, Washington, Denmark, France, England... (maybe Australia & Asia's still sleeping?)

Some fun little features lately about my scrapbooking and creative process: Create Often feature and Studio Calico spotlight

It's been looking a lot like this around here lately:

There's something so heartwarming about making a creative mess. But nothing beats photos of a sweet pregnant woman expecting twins wearing our shirts:

Love that Buster's getting used to the strange beeping of the photo booth:

Have a happy weekend!