9 random things in the 9th month

I can hardly believe it's already October. To help cope, I reflected a bit and came up with some random things that happened last month.
1. This layout of the pups appeared in Scrapbook Trends:

2. Took my 4th trip to Gasparilla Island and ate a sandwich while sitting in the ocean.

3.  Listened to Horchata at least 9 times and for some reason whenever I replayed the song in my head, the lyrics were, "In September drinking horchata". But in actuality it is "In DECEMBER drinking horchata".
4. JC got one of these cool wallets at the Abbot Kinney Festival

5. Stepped into the Toms photobooth for some fun

6. Survived having a mild case of the flu.
7. Attended this cool art opening

8. Enjoyed several meals at Lemonade

9. Took a super quick trip to NYC and hung out with 2 of my favorite girls, Courtney and Kelly 

So that was last month and there's so much stuff to look forward to this month. The sweet Jennifer McGuire is giving away 2 of our shirts on her blog! Also, we're going to giveaway some Hero Arts stamps & a shirt to anyone who signs up for the workshop below (if you've already signed up, you're in the drawing too). Thanks so much for all of your support- we've made more kits because they've been so popular, but we now only have 5 left! For those who have signed up, International kits are shipping out today. Happy October everyone!