10 things on 10.10.10

1. this is a random list that was made in under 10 minutes. happy 10.10.10!
2. for some reason, numbers make me really happy.
3. i didn't plan something extraordinary for this day, but realize that life itself is rather extraordinary.
4. we attended a 1st birthday party for a set of twins (boy & girl). it was held in a big park & was sunny and fun.
5. i played with Poladroid:

6. all of my football teams won this weekend. Yay Georgia Tech, Atlanta Falcons and Chicago Bears.
7. i love this:

8. it feels like summer, not fall in LA. i think the seasons got confused, but i am quite alright with it.
9. this is from the Abbot Kinney Festival a couple weeks ago. taken with the Harinezumi 2 and edited with Poladroid (just like the sunset above).

10. watched it this morning & if you have a spare 10 minutes, I'd recommend you watch this interesting video about motivation: