good news, bad news

Yesterday I participated in the Santa Monica 5000 10K, a race I was not prepared to run. The training (or lack thereof) was very sporadic and short. Before the race, the farthest I had run was 3.1 miles. This was back in February for my first 5K. With big hopes and plans that Cindy and I would run as far as possible and then do intervals (3 mins running, 1 minute walking), JC & I prepared a carbo load dinner on Saturday night for all of us. Seared tuna on wonton crisps with wasabi creme fraiche & spinach pasta with pecorino cheese and a crab cake on top:

The good news is that miracles happen and good fortune came our way. Cindy & I ran the farthest we both had ever run (6.2 miles!), and did it in 1 hour, 9 minutes, with a pace of 11:11. The runner's high lasted quite a few hours and although not the healthiest choice after such an accomplishment, JC & I enjoyed buffalo wings & french fries while watching the football games:

The bad news is that after getting back home, the recovery was slow & painful. My knees are still hurting and I am waddling around like a duck. And although Buster looks adorable next to Good Fortune's 3-in-1 massage oil, he cannot do much to help my soreness. The good news is that a massage therapist can help. The good news is also that no matter what challenges we face in life, they are certainly to make us stronger. Thank you to everyone who lent me words of encouragement. Although a 10K isn't a big deal to some folks, it was a goal I set out for myself and am so happy to have completed it. My BFF did the Malibu Triathlon yesterday and I am so proud of her achievement. Whether it's big or little goals, with some preparation, a desire to succeed, and perseverance, anything is possible. If you'd like to share some good news or goals, please do so in the comment section...