the day after Labor Day

Even after a hilarious, ridiculously fun time at an amazing beach house with 30+ friends... there's nothing quite like coming home. Now that I am home, the to-do list is long. My sweet mom did come over to our little place and had it all cleaned up for us because she knew we were getting in late. So coming home is nice, but coming back to a super clean place is even better. Thanks mommy! Here are some photos from the plane:

This self-timer photo was done for Becky Higgins photo challenge, and it made my day when I saw it as one of her top 10 favorites.

It will take me a while to sort through the 1000+ photos we took, but here's a little glimpse:

Most photos taken by a girl who went into the trip knowing 2 people (myself and JC) and came out with 33 new friends. Everyone loved her immediately, just like I knew they would. Can't even tell you how happy it made me that Kelly came on this trip, and that she's already planning on coming for the next one! Love my friends. Love you all.