a book party

Last night my BFF and I went down the street to one of my favorite stores, Urbanic, for a sweet little soiree.

They hosted the LA launch for Creative, Inc The Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Freelance Business. The store looked lovely as usual, and were greeted with a glass of champagne and treats by Bakelab.

Love that they had cookies, candied pistachios and coconut chocolate morsels as well as brownies all wrapped up nicely in a to-go package for later. We shopped, and my BFF picked up her first packages of washi tape (she was instantly addicted after seeing my collection) & some gifts.

While in line to meet Joy Cho and Meg Ilasco, I pulled out a copy of their book and one of my mini books to have them sign both. When I got up there, I felt like a total nerd for some reason. But they happily obliged (and complimented me on the mini!) signed both books and even smiled for a photo. We left happily, and just in time because the line was out the door.

And this morning I added some photos and memorabilia:

Thanks for looking! I'm still putting together stuff for an upcoming online workshop & will have more details next week. Hope everyone has a fun weekend!