a beach baby shower

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! On Saturday, a bunch of friends gathered for a gorgeous beach baby shower. It was a perfect day, with the sun shining bright. I managed to get myself sunburnt even though I was wearing sunscreen, because we ended up staying out there for 5 hours. Nonetheless, the celebration was lovely, with plenty of food and gifts and laughter. One of my favorite lines from Erin (due in November) was, "Thanks so much you guys. You really didn't have to get me all these presents... but I'm so glad you did." She's going to be an awesome (& hilarious) mom.

We played a fun game of "guess how big her belly is" and were given ribbons to cut.  I was the second closest at 3 inches off, but she was right on! Since Erin lives in TX, I couldn't resist giving her this onesie:

Out of this group, 3 ladies are pregnant. I think that brings the tally preggers friends of mine to 10 or 11. I can't even keep track anymore! ♥!