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Sometimes our evenings are filled with cool activities like gallery openings, talks, restaurant events and all kinds of fun stuff. Sometimes it costs money, and sometimes it doesn't. We're fortunate enough to live in a city where there is plenty of "culture" going on every single night. Sometimes we take advantage of it, and other times we choose to walk to Whole Foods, pick up our dinner & eat it on the sofa while watching television. Either way, I am happy with our little life & want to keep reminders (when I don't take snapshots) of the neat stuff we do. Check out Gary Shteyngart's new book here.

I was truly blown away by David Choong Lee's installation at Lebasse Projects. I was rendered speechless at the impressive work & captured a few photos (that don't quite do it justice) using the Harinezumi:

Inspired by all of it & wishing I had a wall large enough to house the magnificent works, (and of course the money to buy it) I came home and made a layout. Simple & took less than 15 minutes, I used the postcards and stickers from both events, combined with some fun scrappy goodies & here's the result: