ride on ride on

I've had Pinky (that's her name) since I moved to California almost 7 years ago. She was one of my first purchases, right after finding a place to rent in Santa Monica. Because she sat parked outside most of her life, she accumulated some rust, but other than that, I think she's just fine.

My bike, unfortunately, doesn't have a garage to live in now, either, so it sits parked in the courtyard. While parked, I keep the wire basket on it. Functional and fine, it serves it purpose. Fortunately, it gets replaced by this super cute basket made by Kara (she just listed some in her Etsy shop)!

The hula girl dances while I ride, what could be cuter than that? photos by the fabulous Tara Whitney

If I have a garage to store my bike in the next place we live, I'd certainly shop around for a yellow beach cruiser to be parked under this lovely poster.