on the go

Much like a little kid, I need stuff to entertain me when traveling. Since there's plenty of down time in airports (especially when the last 4 of 6 flights were delayed), on airplanes, and because I like instant gratification, I have a little go-to kit of goodies. I took everything except for the book with the scooter, only because I knew we'd be on lots of subways and planes and I wanted to carry just the essentials.

The little scissors got taken away in Paris on our way back to the States. I remembered that they had actually taken my scissors away in China last year as well. I guess it's something about not letting those items into the US. They are just baby scissors used to cut nails, and they run about $4. I am grateful they took these and not my $40 cuticle nippers (which is a bit confusing because my nippers are much sharper than these little things). No worries though- tearing magazines and papers is something I've gotten pretty good at...

Here are some favorite shots from Madrid. We stayed at Room Mate Laura and were delighted with all aspects of the hotel. Beautiful design, fantastic location, great service at a reasonable price.