Europe Mini Book, Part 1

The moment I saw this MMMG notebook at Urbanic, I knew it was THE one for our Madrid/Barcelona/Paris to Pittsburgh trip. It's spiral bound with just the right amount of pages. I choose spiral bound books for bigger trips because they can "grow" with the amount of stuff I put into them. More than half of this section was done before we got back into the States. I love how fresh everything remains when you experience it, record it with photos, collect memorabilia and then glue it directly into the book. I even take it with me into restaurants so I can simply adhere the card into the album. The host at Balthazar saw what I was doing and even brought a tape dispenser to our table in between the appetizers & main course. It was a sweet gesture. Here's the Spain portion of our trip:

It's fun doing an ABC's list to remember little things from trips. Do you have fun tips/tricks/things you do to record and remember vacations? If so, please share! The Paris portion is 95% complete.  Thanks for looking!