In honor of Spain winning the World Cup, I thought I'd share some of our photos from over a week ago. We spent 1 night in Madrid and 2 nights in Barcelona. (This is not nearly enough time in case any of you are planning trips in the near future.) Upon arriving to Madrid in the morning, we took the Metro from the airport to the Opera station, just a few blocks from our hotel. Room Mate Laura was gorgeous just what we wanted. And our room was ready at 10:30am, which was amazing (mainly because we took the red eye & only slept for 4 hours, and also because we got a chance to shower & freshen up before exploring). We got a sweet deal online (about 3 weeks prior to our trip) and went with a "Chic Loft".

The view outside 1 of the balconies (there were 2):

We watched Spain win against Chile our first night in an Irish pub, of all places. It was extremely exciting, but the bar was packed and smoke filled, so there are no good photos to show. But here we are (sad to be checking out of such a lovely hotel, sad to be leaving Madrid, but looking forward to our next stop)...

 Click on this post for more photos of the room & Madrid. And here are a few photos from Room Mate Emma in Barcelona:

Super sleek, our room was smaller than it was in Madrid, but perfectly fine. And I just loved the bathroom. Putting some finishing touches on the mini album from the trip & will be posting those soon. Thanks for all of the feedback on the road trip mini. It's really inspired me to get this next one done in a speedy time frame.