list right now

For some reason time has been flying & I haven't spent much time on the computer as of late. My Dell is on the verge of completely quitting on me, and I am trying to justify purchasing a new Mac in the near future. Confession: I have been a PC person for a long long time, mainly for work stuff like Quickbooks & other programs that were just more accessible for a PC. Plus my tech guy strongly suggested sticking with PC. But now, I am totally crushing on everything about Macs, and as I type on JC's old MacBook, I am loving the idea of making the switch for good.

My lovely friends Jen and Vee posted some sweet little lists over the past couple of days, so I thought I'd jump in and do the same. (but instead of posting a photo of me right now, I'll use pics of the pups)

listening: Happy by Never Shout Never
eating: my creamy chicken pesto pasta with mushrooms & tomatoes (one of my signature dishes. i only really have a few)
drinking: water with lemon
wearing: my purple Susana Monaco tube dress (my way of showing my spirit for the Lakers)
feeling: a little stuffy nosed and stuffed after a huge bowl of pasta
weather: sunny and 70's, same as usual in LA. although it is night as I type this, so it's a bit cooler outside- like 60's.
wanting: an iPad, to travel more, to be home more, to be appreciated, a happy & fulfilled life
needing: a massage
thinking: about numerous upcoming projects, about loading up the tab sections of my blog with photos + words, I need to do something about my annoying sinuses, about the trip we're going to be taking very soon to Madrid, Barcelona & Paris.
enjoying: the gym everyday this week, having my cousins in town (one for a month, the other for hopefully a year or more), the longer days, my busy but fun schedule as of late, the energy the pups have
wondering: constantly.

(Passing it on ... your turn.)