hit the road!

Cindy and I are embarking on a wonderful cross country road-trip from Chicago to Los Angeles. Actually, by the time you read this, we will have been on the road for a few hours. My cousin, Cindy, who just graduated from Indiana University will be taking a trip we've both dreamed of doing, but never thought we would actually do. We've packed up the car I had in college (now it's her car) and we're going to do at least 2164 miles in the next 4 days. Well, that's the plan.

I still remember when she was teeny tiny & oh so cute. Even with a mullet.

She's been to LA a lot of times on extended visits, but this time it will be for at least 6 months & we couldn't be happier! She's more like a little sister to me, and her future on the west coast is sure to be bright!

hanging out with her brother, Brian, Buster, and Emma Roberts in 2005

spooning with Buster

cuddling with 3 month old Bamboo

graduating from New Trier High School with her friend Lauren (who happens to live in LA too!)

In Scottsdale, AZ

helping me at the 2008 D&A tradeshow (the last one I participated in)

And taking the leap!
We'll try & keep you updated on Twitter & may even attempt posting some photos from the road. Hope everyone has a safe & wonderful weekend!