happy landings

Just a few snapshots from SCtyle... amykathryn bags and owner/designer Amy Hall in our smile hoodie, the special shirts we made for USC fans, & our table right before the event opened.

It was fun meeting the designer at SCtyle this weekend and I couldn't resist getting this pair.  The hang tag says, "G.A.Y. sandals are a handcrafted marriage of style, originality and elegance. While made from the finest material available we still respect the planet by making the soles from recycled aircraft and car tires. Enjoy them and happy landings!"

I put them on my feet as soon as I got them and wore them the entire day & night. Here's a shot of us at the Getty Museum. JC in his favorite leather Converse & me in a Notice skirt & new flops. Although we stayed a while, we didn't get to see the band play because we didn't expect it to be so cold. Always armed with a Plan B, we visited a tapas place that we've been meaning to try for quite sometime. We landed happily at Bar Pintxo, which helped get us excited for our upcoming trip to Madrid & Barcelona.