favorite phone pics from the weekend

Possibly the best side mirror shot I've ever taken, on our way to the Montana Ave Sidewalk Sale:

We walked down the street and enjoyed browsing at all the sale items the stores had to offer. To my surprise, I spotted a woman wearing our shirt. I casually asked where she got it, and she said a store in New York. I told her I was the designer and she got a lot more excited than I had expected. Funny how the little run in with her was a total highlight of my day, and vice versa. An onlooker heard the whole conversation and she was even excited to take a photo for us.

We came home & enjoyed a little lunch at home- spinach & arugula salad with strawberries, cranberries, walnuts, & blue cheese, mini grilled cheese sandwiches and Trader Joe's creamy tomato soup.

And this was taken on JC's iphone:

Buster's such a great little alarm clock.