favorite kind of date night

JC & I had a downtown date night last week, where we explored the Downtown Artwalk and saw some really cool stuff. My favorite exhibit was at Arty, where they had the opening for Ron Ulicny and his fanciful assemblages featuring woodworking, trompe l’oeil, and masterful juxtaposition of the humorous and mundane. Of course my favorite piece was the most expensive...
We also like the detail work in these pieces:
Then we wandered the streets & saw this in the sidewalk:
Not to worry though, because there was no real danger & then we saw this stitched sign:
In front of the last gallery we popped into, we saw these stunning hand sewn patches by P. Nosa
I was totally blown away and bought 3 patches (now of course I wish I had purchased more).
Ludo Bites was our final stop and where we stuffed ourselves with 6 appetizers and 3 entrees. Yes, that was just for 2 people. If you have the chance to go any of his pop-up restaurant events, I strongly recommend you do. Be ready to eat a lot & be blown away. My favorites were the soft-shell crab, the prawns and the lamb shank. My favorite kind of date-night involves being inspired & filling up my belly with amazing food. Oh, and BYOB is nice too, so we're able to save some money by bringing in our own wine.