done and done.

This was the first time I participated in Ali's Week in the Life Project. The week chosen wasn't a typical week in the life, but then again, there aren't really any typical weeks right now. We have our routines, but every day is different. I already have plans of how I will approach this project next year. I'd like to have a random thoughts page, more journaling, a timeline of a day or two, and more self-timer photos. After looking through examples of this project on Ali's blog and in the flickr group, it's so fun to see not only how people live, but how people record the simple things they do on a daily basis. Jen has me thinking the next time I do this, I will make it 8.5" X 11" instead of 12" X 12". The photo protector pages from American Crafts helped in pulling the whole thing together.

As I look back on the pages, my current life consists of: puppy love, hanging out with JC, eating, working, scrapbooking, traveling, playing with the dogs, riding bikes, going fun places, experiencing fun things, and enjoying life...

I used an American Crafts D-Ring Modern album to hold all the pages. The wonderful thing is that there is no wrong way to do it, and I am just glad it's done & in it's proper place. Thanks for looking- if you have yours completed & want to link it up in the comments, please do so!