it's been wonderful

The first thing I ever made for JC was a card. On the outside, there was a picture of hangers, and it read, "It's been fun...". He completely read this as a break up card. It was funny, because we had only been dating a few weeks and he thought I was dropping some big bombshell on him. But I wasn't. And the inside of the card said, "...hanging out with you!" So maybe I should have put on the outside, "Hanging out with you..." and "...has been fun!" on the inside. But I didn't and it makes for a good little laugh.

To celebrate a year of being together- I made him this little book full of random things that I have collected. The cover's made from a kit from elisejoy. Sorry the photos are a bit blurry. I meant for you all to get the basic idea, but not necessarily read the juicy details (okay, they are really not that juicy).

Oh and I got him a kindle, and he found this awesome sleeve at Rogue Theory on etsy.