get my happy on with some new gadgets

For so long I dreamed of having a portable printer I could take with me on trips. My Epson Picturemate that I blogged about here, has journeyed with me across the country several times. Problem is that it takes up more space than I would like. Plus I was worried about it getting banged around in my suitcase.

I am not sure why I hadn't heard of the Fujifilm Pivi before, but after seeing it here, I had to do tons of research online, obsess over whether or not I needed one, seek it out and finally order one.

It's super portable and compact. It doesn't come with a power adapter, so I purchased one separately and it works like a charm. So the photos turn out just like they do with my Instax camera, but this way I can use my Nikon D90 and then print out multiple copies of the same photo. And it's just what I've been craving for years.  It's perfect for travel journaling, scrapbooking on the go and sharing prints with friends. It's bliss!

JC also got himself a cute little video camera that looks like a toy.Meet the Digital Harinezumi 2...

The second photo is from here, where you can also read more info on the little wonder camera. It's so cute and little and takes charming video. Looking forward to playing around with both of these little devices this weekend.

JC is hard to shop for, but I think I nailed it by getting him a Kindle! He was delighted and now I no longer have to suffer from sneezing when reading the NY Times on Sundays. Now I just have to find the time to make him one of these cool covers for it. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!