It's nice to have friends come into town. I get to show them around, take them to my favorite restaurants, and they want to do things I don't typically think about doing. I become a tourist in my own town. And one of the things we did was go see Wheel of Fortune. We saw 3 tapings which will air May 10th, 11th & 12th. Unfortunately they make you put your cameras & cell phones in the car, so we only got a group photo in the parking garage at Sony Pictures. These were actually taken from an evening where I did scrapbooking at a Sweet 16 on the backlot.

It's funny because everything looks smaller on the show- the wheel especially. Oh and there was this cool hallway which basically had a scrapbook on display throughout filled with enlarged photos and captions and memorabilia. Oh and Vanna White is so beautiful (and tiny!).