instant gratification

So glad we got the chance to check out Instant Gratification on Saturday night. It seemed as though half of Los Angeles was crammed into a little gallery, so I feel lucky to have snapped a few pics.

After the event we got "dressed up" for a joint birthday party that included an airbrush tattoo artist and a photo booth. And an Ed Hardy theme.

Up for a fun photo project? I participated in the original where they mailed out disposable cameras, but this time they're going digital. Check out A Million Little Pictures-Time Capsule.

At last, Exotic Sounds of Courtney Jaye is on iTunes. Makes me long for a trip to Hawaii. And "Sweet Ride" (track #3) has replaced "Party in the USA" by Miley Cyrus in my head. Oh and #5 is on repeat as we speak, and for any "Band of Horses" fans, this is a must. A couple of my favorite songs by Courtney can also be found on this album- tracks #7 and #10.

Gotta love instant gratification.